In 1991, farm owners, Melissa and Peter decided to buy their first goat.  Their daughter had difficulty digesting cows milk, and they were given a quart of goats milk from a neighbor. They decided immediately to purchase their first milking Nubian, named Floppy.

Melissa and Peter value the small farm that provides their family, friends, and community with raw goat milk, goat cheese, goat meat, lamb, eggs, chicken, and vegetables. They respect the well being of  body, mind and spirit of all living things on earth. They incorporate sustainable/biodynamic farming practices, which is in harmony with nature.  Biodynamic agriculture is based on the teachings of Rudolph Steiner, which involves working with the cosmos, earth and spiritual entities. It is beyond organics. Detailed attention to the health of their animals and land provides a life force food source.

The beautiful, short clip below will explain how Biodynamic farming works and why we practice it.

The Farmers


Alternative health has been a passion of hers for most of her life. Eating healthy locally grown products goes hand in hand with her farm and part-time practice as a licensed massage therapist. When she is not in the milk room, she is busy making sure that the goats are receiving the best care, making goat-milk products, and tending to bees, gardens, sheep and chickens. 


Peter runs the farm with his wife, Melissa. Peter is a carpenter and operates his own business as a private contractor. Peter enjoys fine woodworking, designing and implementing projects around the farm to make it more efficient.