Other Farm Products


The flavorful, floral tasting honey is from the bees on the farm that collect pollen from the beautiful pastures of Berkshire county. They travel up to 3 miles from Sheffield, and feed on a plethora of colorful flowers. 

We have many bees that feed off the farm's flower gardens and nearby pastures. The diversity in flowers and plant species make a flavorful, rich-bodied nutritious honey. Depending on the season, the honey color and taste will differ. 


Our free-range chickens produce flavor filled eggs with a rich, deep-orange yolk. Our customers keep coming back for the flavor.

Our free-range chickens produce some of the best eggs in the Berkshires. The happy hens eat plenty of grass and are fed local Non-GMO organic grain. The hens' beautiful feathers represent their healthy diet of free-ranging around the farm. Be sure to come by the farm, visit the chickens and get some eggs!